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In Memory Of Mors Kochanski In Memory of Mors Kochanski, Great Canadian and THE outstanding Outdoorsman of our time... … [more]

Hultafors OK1 & OK4
Hultafors OK1 & OK4 Hultafors OK1 & OK4 Hultafors is a Swedish … [more]

Mora knives Garberg
Mora knives Garberg Mora Garberg The town of Mora is about the … [more]

Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife
Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife Fällkniven S1 Forest Knife … [more]

Cudeman MT-5
Cudeman MT-5 Cudeman MT-5 Cudeman is a Spanish knife-making … [more]

Barkriver Knives Springbok
Barkriver Knives Springbok BRKT Springbok Bark River Knife and Tool … [more]

Lionsteel M3
Lionsteel M3 LionSteel M3 "Lion Steel Knives was … [more]

Lapin Puukko Whittler Review Emailed in from a customer...... Lapin Puukko Lapland whittler review Like many reputable … [more]

Bushcraft Watch review Emailed in from a customer.. A friend of mine just gave me one of these watches; I think … [more]

Condor Bushcraft Parang
Condor Bushcraft Parang Condor Bushcraft Parang "Condor Tool and … [more]

Mora Bushcraft
(Orange Survival Heavy Duty)

Mora Bushcraft <br />(Orange Survival Heavy Duty) Mora Bushcraft Survival (Orange Survival Heavy … [more]

Condor Hudson's Bay knife Many thanks Paul!!! I'm an amateaur knife maker and there is no way I can make a knife and … [more]

Barkriver Bravo 1.5
Barkriver Bravo 1.5 Bravo 1.5 Bark River Knife and Tool (BRKT) is … [more]

ESEE 5 First I would like to say that dealing with … [more]

ESEE Laser Strike
ESEE Laser Strike Laser Strike The ESEE Laser Strike or LS is … [more]

Hultafors Hultafors Pack Hultafors is a Swedish company … [more]

Highland 'Bushcraft' Knife
Highland 'Bushcraft' Knife Highland "Bushcraft" knife Not that … [more]

ENZO Camper
ENZO Camper Enzo Camper I have used an Enzo Trapper on and … [more]

A1 Received my order this afternoon, thank you for your excellent service. Mightily impressed with … [more]

Swanndri Bushshirt Paul, Thank you so much for the Swanndri Bush Shirt. I recently spent several days in a winter … [more]

Fallkniven PXL Paul, several months ago I purchased a Fallkniven PXL from your excellent establishment and I … [more]

HVK Moose " I tested the Hultafors HVK Hi Carbon Knife that you sent me along with a Mora Clipper. … [more]

A2 Picture from Harley. His A2/F1 and PHK out on a winter camp. [more]

Fallkniven WM1 Hi Paul, My name is Chris . I'm a high school science teacher in Saskatchewan. I just wanted to … [more]

A2 sheath with Paracord Nice idea to wrap the A2 sheath with 40 ft of paracord. From H [more]

F1 feedback Hi Paul, Thank you for the email! I also wanted to thank you for the F1 that you kindly sold to … [more]

Warrior Flashlight When I placed my order, you asked me to provide you with feedback on the Olight M20 Warrior 2010 … [more]

Lapin Puukko Review The Hunter by Lapin Puuko I will admit that when Paul asked me to review the Lapin Puuko … [more] Bushcraft Canada is top notch. They sell the kind of high quality products, I used to think you … [more]

SWAZI Clothing Paul I have heard of that line(SWAZI) before, but never checked them out until now, after … [more]

RAT Cutlery RC-6
RAT Cutlery RC-6 As someone who hikes and camps deep in the … [more]

Carrying Knives for Women
Carrying Knives for Women Women have enjoyed the out of doors for a long … [more]

The RAT RC-3
The RAT RC-3 The RAT RC-3: Constant companion EDC I had the … [more]

F1 3G
F1 3G My Fällkniven F1/3G arrived today from … [more]

A1 Review By J. For my trip in Canada, I needed a survival knife which would be extremely robust, light … [more]

Review of S1 Review of Fallkniven Mod. S1 "Forest Knife" I just received my Fallkniven S1 from Paul … [more]

F1 in Florida
F1 in Florida A couple of pics of fishing in Florida. Thanks … [more]

F1 User Picture
F1 User Picture A nice picture from Allen on the Island. … [more]

PHK Review Recently I tracked down Paul Robinson, the Canadian distributor of Fallkniven knives and ordered … [more]